Shoot Many Robots

Shoot Many Robots

A hectic arcade game with lots of robots!


  • Intense arcade action
  • Good graphics
  • Mulitplayer mode
  • Lots of customization


  • Maybe too tough for some
  • Screen can get too busy


Shoot Many Robots is an old school side scrolling platform shooter. A throw back to Metal Slug style arcade games, it's got flashier graphics and and RPG like weapons upgrades. If you like your action fast and tough, you'll enjoy Shoot Many Robots.

Shoot too many robots?

This is a hectic game, where the number of enemies you'll face of quickly gets challenging. There's a good variety of enemies, who requre different tactics, although eventually they get a bit repetitive. What makes Shoot Many Robots compelling is managing to deal with all these enemies at the same time! You're equiped with a melee attack, and two weapons - a primary and a heavy secondary. You carry beer to replenish lost health.


When you kill a robot, it will drop nuts, which are the in-game currency. You'll need to collect all the nuts you can, to spend on weapon upgrades. You can't ignore this part of the game, as it get's really hard and you'll need all the help you can get later on!

The presentation overall is great in Shoot Many Robots. The psuedo 2D environments and characters are excellent, although the sheer amount of activity on screen sometimes can make it visually overwhelming!

A fun multiplayer mode gives Shoot Many Robots a longer lifespan, and there's plenty to enjoy in one player mode if you enjoy this kind of tough arcade action.

Shoot Many Robots


Shoot Many Robots

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